The origins of the Swing Club for the Blind date back to a woman’s professional charity golf tournament held in 1953 at Bing Maloney Golf Course. The proceeds were donated to United Voluntary Services, a national charitable organization which works with veterans hospitals. However, because there was no veteran’s hospital in Sacramento, the money was deposited in a fund that Helen Lengfeld and Libby Brand later used to create a golf club for blind persons which became known as the Swing Club for the Blind. Each weekly outing includes nine holes of golf, preceded by a short review lesson in golf fundamentals given by a staff member of First Tee - Greater Sacramento.  During the round, each player is accompanied by a sighted volunteer who assists in lining up the golfer and providing information about distance and direction. Play is alternate shot by the player and a volunteer. The club has averaged 15-20 players and 25-30 volunteers annually. There are two seasons: the first week after Easter through June, and the week after Labor Day through October. Scores are kept and recorded with prizes awarded at the end of each playing season at a barbecue luncheon. A perpetual trophy donated by Ms. Lengfeld is presented at the end of each year to a player based on performance over the two seasons. Swing Club for the Blind 2021 Schedule: TBA

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