In April 2013, First Tee — Greater Sacramento and UCP of Sacramento and Northern California joined forces to expand First Tee — Greater Sacramento’s Adaptive PE program. This partnership allowed the program to go from serving an average of 70 students to well over 100 students per year. In the past, the students and school aides used city bus service to get to and from school. City buses could only hold two wheelchairs at a time so often students expecting to leave for their Adaptive PE class were disappointed to have to stay back at school when their wasn't enough room on the bus. By partnering with UCP their buses allow for up to 10 wheelchairs at a time, thus allowing all students to participate each week. Luther Burbank Teacher, Aaron McClatchy commented that “Golf with The First Tee is a wonderful program for our students with disabilities.  The opportunity, facility and excellent staff give our students a chance to be physically and mentally engaged that is very hard to come by. ” Each session of the class runs for 9 weeks, 1.5 hours per week. Spring sessions are March through May and fall sessions are August through October. Students build confidence and social skills engaging in a physical activity that is new to them in an environment that is new to them. In addition, they learn life/independent living skills such as: riding the bus, how to buy something, using/saving money, communication with others, setting goals and perseverance. The students attending this class have physical and/or mental disabilities. They all have the potential to be productive adult members of our society. Through their lessons at school, in therapies and this program they are preparing to live as independently as possible, hold a job in the future and feel empowered to set and achieve goals for their lives. “Having the bus transportation allowed us to have a longer and richer experience golfing.  Without the rush of arriving and leaving we were much more able to engage in the high quality lesson and activities provided by Coaches Sam, Paul and James. This is a huge service that provides a great benefit to our students” stated McClatchy.

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Michael Firpo - Director of Programs Email: [email protected] Office: (916) 486-6220  
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