Introduce Golf and Character Education in Elementary School PE Classes!

88 elementary schools in our community are teeing off thanks to our First Tee School Program, bringing our curriculum to your child’s physical education class. By teaching students core values and healthy habits, we’re putting them on the course to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lesson Plan

First Tee School Program gives physical educators all the tools to get started. We provide the training, equipment, and lesson plans that integrate life skills and values with the game of golf and motor skills. We have an online community for teachers and youth leaders delivering our program, providing access to the curriculum, resources, and connections with peers delivering the program around the country.

Our Mission

  • Create a safe introduction to golf for today’s students and teachers.
  • Ensure that golf education meets the same national standards developed by the Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE).
  • Help students build character and confidence through the positive personal and social values associated with the game.
  • Show students that golf can be a great part of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Make the positive values of golf a part of the classroom and students’ everyday lives.
Contact Us


Ready to upgrade your child’s PE experience?  It’s easy to get started.
  1. Contact us by completing the link above
  2. We’ll work with you to identify funding opportunities (this can be the school, a donor, or corporation).
  3. Once funding is identified, we’ll train the physical educators.
  4. After the physical educator is trained, the curriculum and equipment is delivered to the school.
  5. Students start enjoying golf in school!
  6. Your school will enjoy a long-term relationship with our chapter as well. We will be with you year after year to ensure you have all the support needed to succeed.